Learn About Our Mushrooms

At Gowin Valley Farms, we have recently expanded our organic mushroom growing operations and production facilities. We are working in partnership with Kennesaw State University and Cornell University to expand research for growing mushrooms on recycled agricultural materials and waste by-products from our farm and other Georgia farmers. 


We proudly grow and isolate wild cultures of over 20 gourmet mushroom species including Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Oyster, Chestnut, Hen of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods, Reishi and Cordyceps. 

Additionally, we offer seasonal wildcrafted mushrooms and are Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certified. Foraged mushroom varieties often change frequently but our farm is fortunate to have several amazing perennial species that we collect and sell each year such as Golden Chanterelles, Boletes, Oysters, Wood Ears, Blewits, Black Trumpets, Maitake, Milk Caps and Honey mushrooms.

Come Visit The Farm!

Gowin Valley Farms mushroom cultivation workshops, foraging walks, private cultivation classes and other educational opportunities will begin starting in spring 2022. To learn more about our upcoming events and experiences click here

How Do You Grow Mushrooms?

All of our indoor mushroom varieties are prepared in our sterile laboratory using 100% all-natural enriched organic hardwood sawdust blocks. After sterilization in our atmospheric stream sterilizers, the bags are inoculated with organic millet, rye berries or wheat from our wild or lab-grown cultures. During this stage the grain begins colonizing the sawdust blocks forming hyphae which composes the thick white mycelium that quickly takes over the bag.


After a few weeks when the blocks are fully colonized by mycelium, they are moved into our indoor sterile grow facility which is fully  automated to maintain specific humidity, COand temperature requirements specific to each mushroom species.


Once the mushroom bags are sliced open under optimal fruiting conditions they will begin to mature and form primordia. The primordia will progress rapidly into mushroom pins overnight or within a few days. The pins begin producing large fruiting bodies which will be ready to harvest shortly after.


At the final stage, we are able to harvest the mushroom fruiting body for sale or use the mushroom genetics by cloning a tissue sample of the mushroom or isolating it’s spores in our laboratory. 


We proudly deliver to  a large area in Northwest Georgia and Tennessee. If you are interested in mushroom delivery in the greater Chattanooga area please use the form below to contact us today!

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