In July 2020, a new breath of life merged into a once boisterous 1960’s Tennessee Walking Horse farm, Blue Ribbon Stables. Re-named as Gowin Valley Farms in honor of farm owner and co-founder, Emma Reigel’s grandfather — and original owner of the farm — Jim Gowin. 


Before passing, Emma and her grandfather had envisioned for a new start to their family farm, one full of fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Although, Jim passed in October of 2020, his granddaughter is here carving the path they had envisioned together, along with her partner and co-founder, Gabriel Harrison.


Gabriel and Emma are in the process of creating a small fruit and vegetable production along with operating a microbiology laboratory  for growing gourmet mushrooms. Emma and Gabriel are both Certified Journeyman Farmers and are Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certified to sell foraged mushrooms in the following states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvannia, New York, Rhode Island. 


In a short period of time, Gowin Valley Farms has began working in collaboration with Kennesaw State University and Cornell University to enhance innovative mushroom research in the state of Georgia. 


Gowin Valley Farms seeks to create easier access to local, fresh vegetables, fruits and mushrooms to help their community have a healthier, more natural lifestyle. 





We also strive to encourage the research of fungi — and contribute to the study of mycology. Our goal is to offer research institutions and other conservationists to partner with us to study specific interests concerning conservation and agriculture through the use of our farm.  Interested in learning more about our research partnerships or interested In partnering? Email us to learn more [email protected]


The Farmers Behind it All



Emma Reigel


A true local, born in Dalton, GA in 1994, Emma grew up on her family farm, showed horses and worked on the farm throughout her younger years. She graduated from Christian Heritage School in Dalton in 2012. Emma attended Emory University where she received High Honors and her BA in English and Creative Writing, minoring in Abnormal Psychology and Sociology. Following her graduation, she attended Clemson University and received a MS in Marketing in 2017. Until 2020, Emma worked in Atlanta, GA as a marketing manager and copywriter.


If you ever asked Emma “What do you dream of doing?” before this year, she would have answered “One day I want to take over my grandpa’s farm and turn it into a mushroom operation and vegetable and fruit farm.” She never thought it would happen so soon, but here she is elbows deep in soil!



Gabriel Harrison


Gabriel was born in Macon, GA before moving to Florida for several years, until landing in Atlanta, Georgia around age 10. Until March of 2020, Atlanta had been his home. Gabriel attended Georgia State University and studied Film and Production. Following school, Gabriel began working for start-up tech companies in Atlanta. From lead generation and business development to website development, Gabriel can do it all. He has become an expert at all things sales and technology… and now farming!


Never in a million years did Gabriel expect to become a farmer, yet he had always wanted to eventually buy land to start a small farm. The reality came sooner rather than later and he is now learning the in’s and out’s of farming — quite quickly too!


When Emma and Gabriel aren’t planning or planting veggies, pruning fruit trees and vines, inoculating mushrooms or taking care of the horses and other farm animals, you can find them traveling or hiking with their beloved dog and farm mascot, Rufuss. They also enjoy live music and rockhounding for crystals.


Creds to our *family* Henchmen that make it happen:


      Todd Reigel                                               Tommy Harrison


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